♥ About Angel Hearts

Angel Hearts is an American cosplay group based in California. They have been doing IDOLM@STER, ParaPara, and J-pop performances at anime conventions and events since 2003.

Angel Hearts was founded by Kie in September of 2003. She was a huge fan of J-pop and wished to have a group of dedicated cosplayers to sing and dance with. She gathered a few friends, and Angel Hearts made their debut singing J-pop songs by ZONE and Hello! Project at conventions in Southern California.

A couple members of Angel Hearts had been dancing ParaPara for several years, so when J-pop group HINOI TEAM became popular in 2005 with their covers of classic ParaPara songs, it was a great opportunity for Angel Hearts to branch out. They did their first ParaPara performance in 2006.

In early 2007 the first iDOLM@STER console game was released, and Angel Hearts became instant fans -- in fact, they did their first iDOLM@STER performance the same weekend the game was released. The game seemed to be a perfect setup for cosplay performances: cute girls, catchy songs, fun dances, and endless costume choices all packed into one anime-style video game. Over the years Angel Hearts has grown to cast almost the entire lineup of iM@S girls, and is still going strong!

Angel Hearts hopes to do many more performances at conventions all across California. We do our best to smile and have fun! We hope you'll enjoy our shows! ♥

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