♥ Angel Hearts Members

♥ Website: ACParadise | prettykittyprincess.com
♥ Birthday: January 17th
♥ Favorite Color: Pink
♥ Favorite Food: Grilled Fish
♥ IDOLM@STER Role: Chihaya Kisaragi
♥ Favorite iDOLM@STER Song: Overmaster, Yakusoku
♥ Favorite iDOLM@STER Dance: Kiramekirari, Marionette no Kokoro
♥ Loves: Cats, Video Games, Fashion, Costuming, Lolita Fashion, Karaoke, Dancing, Milk Tea, Rainbows, Roses, Girly Sparkly Things, Prince Charming ♥

♥ Website: ACParadise
♥ Birthday: It's a secret!!
♥ Favorite Color: Silver
♥ Favorite Food: Grilled Cheese
♥ IDOLM@STER Role: Takane Shijou
♥ Favorite iDOLM@STER Song: Jibun Rest@rt
♥ Favorite iDOLM@STER Dance: Overmaster
♥ Loves: Sparkles, Video Games, Animals, Dance, Baseball, Fashion, Disney, Sleep

♥ Website: ACParadise
♥ Birthday: March 13th
♥ Favorite Color: Aqua
♥ Favorite Food: Ginataan (coconut milk dessert)
♥ IDOLM@STER Role: Ami Futami
♥ Favorite iDOLM@STER Song: My Song
♥ Favorite iDOLM@STER Dance: Agent Yoru wo Yuku
♥ Loves: Teddy Bears, Deco-den, Shugo Chara!, Tennis, Amigurumi, Origami, Photoshoots, Sexy Cars

Sparkle Pipsi
♥ Website: ACParadise | sparklepipsi.com
♥ Birthday: April 1st
♥ Favorite Color: Fresh Green
♥ Favorite Food: Salmon Sushi
♥ IDOLM@STER Role: Miki Hoshii
♥ Favorite iDOLM@STER Song: The World is All One!!, Jibun Rest@rt
♥ Favorite iDOLM@STER Dance: Marionette no Kokoro, Overmaster
♥ Loves: Puppies, Baking, Magical Girls, Starbucks, Sweets, WoW

♥ Website: ACParadise
♥ Birthday: March 26th
♥ Favorite Color: (Normal) Green
♥ Favorite Food: Baked sweets, current faves are cupcakes and French macaroons
♥ IDOLM@STER Role: Ritsuko Akizuki
♥ Favorite iDOLM@STER Song: Ai Like Hamburger
♥ Favorite iDOLM@STER Dance: Kiramekirari
♥ Loves: Ballet, So You Think You Can Dance, Baking, Napping, Good Food, Reading

♥ Website: ACParadise
♥ Birthday: December 16th
♥ Favorite Color: Black
♥ Favorite Food: Curry
♥ IDOLM@STER Role: Makoto Kikuchi
♥ Favorite iDOLM@STER Song: Meisou Mind
♥ Favorite iDOLM@STER Dance: Nana Iro Button
♥ Loves: Reading, Travel, Collecting Books, Cats, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Fabdazzling Costumes, Fashion, Vintage Illustration, Scifi and Horror B-movies, 1970s Progressive Rock, Long drives on the freeway, Tea

♥ Website: ACParadise | thatswhatshiisaid.net
♥ Birthday: September 26th
♥ Favorite Color: Purple
♥ Favorite Food: Junk Food
♥ IDOLM@STER Role: Yayoi Takatsuki
♥ Favorite iDOLM@STER Song: Do-Dai
♥ Favorite iDOLM@STER Dance: Kosmos, Cosmos
♥ Loves: '90s Cartoons, Window Shopping, Mecha, Gunpla/plamo, Cleaning, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Sonic the Hedgehog, Zettai Ryouiki, Cats, Lego, Hello Kitty

Daydreamer Nessa
♥ Website: ACParadise | eternaldaydream.com
♥ Birthday: July 2nd
♥ Favorite Color: Red
♥ Favorite Food: Salmon Sashimi
♥ IDOLM@STER Role: Haruka Amami
♥ Favorite iDOLM@STER Song: My Best Friend
♥ Favorite iDOLM@STER Dance: Nana Iro Button
♥ Loves: Drawing, Warm Weather, Sweets, Cats (especially black cats), Artbooks, Precious Sleep and Naps

♥ Website: ACParadise | ugcosplay.com
♥ Birthday: June 2nd
♥ Favorite Color: Tiffany Blue
♥ Favorite Food: Chips and Salsa
♥ iDOLM@STER Role: Iori Minase
♥ Favorite iDOLM@STER Song: L.O.B.M.
♥ Favorite iDOLM@STER Dance: Nana Iro Button
♥ Loves: Running, Dancing, Puppies, Cute Things, Tokidoki, White Heels, Diet Coke, Disneyland

♥ Website: ACParadise | NyuNyu Cosplay
♥ IDOLM@STER Role: Iori Minase

♥ Website: ACParadise | IchigiKitty Cosplay
♥ IDOLM@STER Role: Hibiki Ganaha

♥ Website: ACParadise
♥ IDOLM@STER Role: Takane Shijou, Azusa Miura

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